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Live Your Dreams Basketball Camps

Live Your Dreams basketball is a satellite basketball camp that looks to teach, improve, and develop young adults and kids basketball skills.   We have a motto "Live Your Dreams" because young adults and children should have the opportunities and mindset to fulfill their dreams.  We teach and approach our camps based off: 1. Believe In Yourself 2. Hard Work 3. Have Fun.  With those three characteristics we believe they can LIVE their DREAMS! 

If you would like an instructed 2 or 3-day basketball camp in your community or school please reach us at the contact information below.  

NDSU Summit League Championship

Ben Woodside

Camp Director & Coach

Social Media

Luke Moormann

Camp Director & Coach

Phone: 701-290-9262

Live Your Dreams Basketball Camps 2024

-Fargo, ND

Enjoy a 3-day basketball camp run by Ben Woodside and Luke Moormann.  These 3-day Day Camps have a limited number of 40 campers per age group.  It's fantastic opportunity to be coached by a 8-year professional basketball player, NDSU's all-time leading scorer and two of NDSU's basketball alumni who have fulfilled one of their many dreams by going to the NCAA Tournament. 


To register for camp click the link below.

**Register your child for the grade level they will be GOING INTO**